What You Don't Learn At School - Introduction - Local Pickup - The Harris Cafe Burnie

What You Don't Learn At School - Introduction - Local Pickup - The Harris Cafe Burnie

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This book is here to help you make informed decisions after you finish your schooling. After school you lose life structure and you may find that a lot of what you learned in school doesn't help with the life situations ahead. I provide information that helps you gain employment, manage your money, move out of home, develop networks and relationships, set goals and achieve them + so much more. This is the guide to life after school.

"It was a pleasure reading your book. You packed it full of important, helpful information, and I know I’m going to walk away from it a better and informed person. All your suggestions made sense. I believe this could be a real lifesaver for recent high school graduates. In this confusing and competitive world, this is exactly the type of book we need on our shelves. " - Janelle

As you will have noted down steps one through seven, you will see how each connects to the other in that order.

  1. You discovered what you learned during school and what it is bringing you up to be.
  2. You realised how your brain chooses your future without you consciously realising it. You knew who is responsible for making you the way you are, and now, you know what you need to do to take back your mind to be who you need to be.
  3. You’ve gotten yourself into a job, and you’ve become a prized worker.
  4. You’re making money. Very little or too much, it doesn’t matter! You have your finances under strict management guidelines, and whether the money tap is on full bore or dripping, your money flows in the same direction every time.
  5. Your parents rejoiced (or cried) when you finally announced you have a nice deposit for your home and are moving away, as you got your offer accepted from the real estate agent. Your home fund is ticking over nicely, and you are living quite comfortably from your first home.
  6. You know a comfortable, successful life is nothing special if you don’t have a healthy body to go along with it. You regularly get involved in an exercise, and you watch what you eat. Your clear focus on what you are trying to achieve in your health is the key driver for your motivation. Fruits and vegetables are number one on your grocery list, and you are not afraid to take a sauna or a massage for a nice, healthy time-out to reset your body.
  7. You’ve got the vision for where you are going to be in two years. Not only do you have foresight, but you have the clear, physical plan to follow daily. You know the little actions you do every day compound over time, and if you remain committed to these actions, then you’ll realise the vision. You have mastered the correct flow of life after school, and you are well on your way to a happy life.

Ethan Butler was born and raised in Burnie, Tasmania. He was a cafe operator since the age of 19 before shifting to educating youth where he created an online course and the book your holding. He speaks in schools aiming to inspire youth to pursue continuous learning after school. He lives in Burnie and What You Don't Learn At School is his debut book.


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