How to start and operate a profitable cafe MasterClass

How to start and operate a profitable cafe MasterClass

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Have you ever wanted to own you own cafe?

A cafe is an exciting business where you get to interact with a range of people and live a good working lifestyle. As an owner, you get to eat and drink in your business everyday to know you are maintaining a high standard of the product as well as making the decision on what direction your cafe is running.

There is only one problem though....

Too many people jump into cafe ownership believing that it will just work itself out and the money will fly into the till. That they don't need the business skills or a sound understanding of what goes into operating a successful cafe. It's because of this belief that I have seen numerous cafes go out of business soon after they are started. The owner basically wasted their time, money and effort.

This is what this Master Class is for. It's to stop the failures and to give a clear direction on what goes into a successful cafe. After multiple successful cafes turning over a profit, I show exactly what it takes to make your own cafe a success.

Who is this not for?

- People who don't take advice

- People who believe everything in business will come easy

Who is this for?

- People who think they'd like to start a cafe

- People looking for a career change

- People wanting to do something for themselves (Business)

So if this is for you, take the masterclass so that you can learn on exactly where to start with opening your own cafe. The additional benefit is that taking this training you may realise it's more than what you thought and you decide a cafe is not for you. This saves you the heartache of going into this business and finding out the hard way!


What's included?


- 4 x Zoom Modules - Live from 4pm

October 29th  - November 5th - November 12th - November 19th

(If you can't make the live, it will be recorded for you to view later)

- Q&A session at the end of each module for personal coaching

- Worksheets for each module

- You cafe action plan (Step by step plan to open your own cafe)

- Cafe skills development plan

7 Day money back guarantee (If you complete the first module and the Master Class isn't what you expected, let me know and I will refund your money)

- After your purchase you will receive access details to the masterclass within 24 hours to your email.