Speaking opportunity - Inspire Youth to Achieve Their Life Goals

Ethan Butler Speaking Proposal


The impact of COVID is an important topic right now and raises questions about how we can open opportunities for our youth and provide them confidence moving forward.

I’m excited to offer the opportunity to run a presentation via Zoom.

What I cover is:
- My journey from being the shy kid in school to a multiple business owner who they say, “can hold a good conversation with a fence post.”
- Buying my first café at the age of 19
- The secret I used to continually get promoted in my first job and constantly progress: “Putting my standards above the standard”

- How to get focused in a world of distraction
- How to turn your resume drop into an instant interview and leave a lasting impression
- If you don’t have a job, what you need to be doing right now

After my talk, I'm open for 15 minutes of questions. My talk is interactive and I run a power point presentation via screen share.

I’ve published a book called: What you don’t learn at school. This book helps youth identify their unique strengths, gives advice on employment, teaches how to manage money, moving out of home, looking after their health and how to plan big goals and achieve them. The physical book is available in Tasmanian bookstores or online. I’ve included the PDF copy in my offer.

This is my online package deal I am offering:
- 35-minute presentation via zoom
- 15-minute Q&A session following talk
- PDF copy of my book for everyone in attendance (Valued at $10 each)

- Up to 30 attendees

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I look forward to hearing from you,


Thanks, Ethan Butler